What Causes Snoring and How it Can be Prevented?

Snoring is commonly known to occur in men and people who are overweight. At some point, it is normal but it has a possibility to get worse especially if the person turns into a habitual snorer. Medical assistance or anti snoring devices are highly recommended if the case becomes severe.

When the flow of air in the mouth and nose is physically blocked, snoring takes place. This can happen because of several factors such as:

•    Sinus infection and allergy – Some people only snore when they have allergies or during a sinus infection. Deformities caused by nasal polyps and deviated septum can cause difficulty to breathe normally.

•    Too much relaxation of throat and tongue muscle -  This means that the habitual snorer has poor muscle tone in the tongue and throat and this can happen because of alcohol consumption, sleeping pills, aging or when having a deep sleep.

•    Overweight – Snoring is commonly suffered by an overweight person due to immense throat tissue. Also, young adults who have adenoids and large tonsils may experience the same thing.

Snoring can pose a serious threat if not properly taken care of. So, if you are suffering from habitual snoring or you know someone who has the same case, seek medical advice. Also, you can purchase yourself an anti-snoring pillow. An anti-snoring pillow is specifically made to keep the airways open. It works by holding the tongue and jaw in place, letting the snorer breathe normally. This pillow does not only let you sleep properly but your bed partner as well.

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Jack Murali | Friday 03 June 2016 - 08:03 am | ΒΆ | Health Issues